Virtual Camp

 June 15th to August 7th

Hello, Camp High Hopes’ Campers, Friends, and Supporters!

Thank you so much for supporting Camp High Hopes Virtual Camp and helping use provide smiles for our campers, their family, and friends!!

This summer, Camp High Hopes invites you to re-imagine Camp in 2020! Imagine fun. Imagine friendships. Imagine all that is possible. And while the summer isn’t exactly how we imagined it a few months ago, we are pleased to share an exciting summer program: Camp from Home -Imagining all that is Possible.

Camp isn’t just found in a physical location—it’s found in the community we create when campers who share the same day-to-day challenges come together.  Our team is committed to providing community, positive memories for our campers and their families while we cannot gather in person.

We will celebrate each week-long summer camp and bring the joy of Camp to you through video activities, songs and stories, live events, and more!  Our goal is for campers to learn the same values, skills, and life lessons they do when they come to Camp in-person.


We are missing our campers dearly, we want to connect with you this summer!


Ippo the hippo

This is Ippo the Hippo!!! Take a picture with our Camp Hippo when you do a fun camp/summer activity!!!

Use #CHHippoSmiles and/or #IppoTheHippo when you post to social media.


Here’s an example schedule for Virtual Summer Camp!

 New activities and videos will be posted daily Monday-Friday.
Our schedule will be posted and emailed weekly.

Spectacular Spectacular!!!

Our campers are showing off their talents!!
Big shout out to each of our campers that participated.
We love to see our campers having fun and trying new things.